Importing MBOX and EML to PST is now Easier!

Importing is always considered as a task rather it is related to anything. One does not exactly knows what to do and how it is to be done until and unless one have a perfect knowledge to do so. Therefore converting your mail database from MBOX or EML is an humongous task again as one is aware of the conversion process manually and which is the best converter to do so is also a big point to think.

To easier your importing task the Mail Passport Lite is the solution. It import MBOX to Outlook for PST files and lead to successful migration of your mail database. It covers each and every single unit in your database for the conversion rather it is mails, contacts, calendars, attachment, etc. It is a converter tool supported by Windows operating system but conversion can be done for both Mac and Windows as both supports PST files for Outlook.

It also import EML to Outlook fore PST files which make it a two in one converter tool for conversion of mail database. It simply means you can convert both MBOX and EML file with this single converter tool. This tool comes with an easy to use interface and a free trial version to allow you to experience migration using this converter tool as it converts 10 file per folder.

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Your Search for a Perfect MBOX to PST Converter Ends Here!

MBOX to PST converter is a category of software solutions that has yet to see something innovative or user-friendly. For years, users have struggled to convert their MBOX files (like from Gmail or Mac Mail) to Outlook compatible PST files. All the converters have at least one or more of the drawbacks that make them non-professional, inefficient, and not fit for use.

You probably are on a hunt for one perfect solution to Import MBOX to Outlook conversion needs. And most likely, you’ve been disappointed so far.

But I am here to tell you, your search finally ends here.

If you are willing to try it out first, click here and download the setup of the tool called “Mail Passport Lite.” It’s developed by Gladwev Software, one of the leading companies in email migration domain. The tool will give you all the features and a friendly UI that you wanted for so long.

MPL photo
Mail Passport Lite

There are no loose ends. It converts everything preserving the fine details of email files. And it also supports batch conversion, so you can simply load the entire folder containing multiple MBOX files and convert them altogether into PST format.

If you have ever tried any other typical converter to convert MBOX to PST, you will be pleasantly surprised. And your only regret will be that you didn’t find “Mail Passport Lite” any sooner.

But now that you have, don’t delay. Click the download link and get started. As it also provide a free trial version for your experience and also convert EML file along with MBOX.

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Convert MBOX to PST Securely!

Are you overly protective of your data? If so, it’s a good thing. Better to be safe than be sorry, right?

If so, tasks like email migration, and more specifically, convert MBOX to PST, can be hard on you. It’s the task that most commonly results in fragmented data files. You might notice a part of your email is missing, like attachment or images.

So, what can you do if you don’t like such data loss (and who does actually)?

There’s a very simple to use tool called “Mail Passport Lite” from Gladwev Software. It has a sharp programming framework that doesn’t let anything convert with errors. The multi phase scanning algorithms ensure perfect data extraction.

The interface makes it quite simple for users who have no experience whatsoever. The team at Gladwev Software employed some of the best designing techniques to simplify the process without compromising the features. You could as well start right away and not even look at tutorials, you will still succeed in your migration task like anyone else.

Mail Passport Lite” also allows you to split large PST files into smaller files so that it’s easy to import MBOX to Outlook 2016 files. Large files can cause a lot of problems during import.

Download “Mail Passport Lite” now! As it comes with free trial version which allows you to experience migration using this converter tool.

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Convert MBOX and EML to PST and Keep Non-English Text, Folder Structure, and Other Details Intact!

Moving your complex email data across email clients can be painful. If you have tried, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, you are lucky you don’t have to.

To Import MBOX to Outlook 2016 can take a lot, especially because they are both files that are miles apart in their structure and inner framework.

The former is Mac Mail’s file and the latter is Windows Outlook’s. both clients work in different platforms altogether. And therefore, any tool to convert the data between them has to have excellent algorithms and logic to keep the fidelity of your data perfectly secured.

Most often, it’s your non-English text indie the emails contents, the structure of your folders inside the mailbox, and other details like headers and metadata that are the victim of this migration job. You will find them missing or corrupt when you open the PST files converted through ordinary means.

But does it have to be this way? Both clients are exceptional in what they do. So why migrating data has to be that way?

It doesn’t have to. And Gladwev Software realized that, and thus, set out to create the software program that will make this risky and tedious job like a walk in the park. And so, came “Mail Passport Lite,” exactly the tool that you need to Import EML to Outlook 2016 and is the Windows Os based migration tool for windows user.

Without going into details, its best if you can try it right now and see it for yourself. Check out the features, check out the interface and see how it easy the job becomes, but most importantly, check out the output PST files and notice how everything is converted with sharp, to-the-last-bit-of-data precision.

It also come along with pro version called Mail Passport Pro which convert your MBOX, Apple Mail, Gmail Mbox, RGE, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, EML to PST for your Outlook

Don’t worry. You don’t need to buy it to try it out. You can just download the setup, install it, and start using the free trial mode. Activate it later at your own leisure, when you are sure of how perfect the conversion it can deliver.

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Make a Successful Switch from Mac Mail to Outlook for Windows and Migrate Your Data Smoothly!

Switching services require a lot of efforts, any services. But changing your email client can be the worst. The change in email client is not that confusing. It’s just a matter of time before you are natural with your new client. But it’s the data in your old client that remains stuck because you don’t know how to migrate it to your new client.

This blog post handles on such case – Import Mbox to Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2011 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 & Office 365 in PST format for Outlook both Mac and Windows. If you have made the switch, you now might be wondering how to get all your emails transferred too. Keep in mind that I am talking about the local data stored in Mac Mail, because the data on server can easily be synced to Windows Outlook.

So, how do you make a successful migration of all your emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar items, and other items across these two programs.

The answer is “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s a convenient Mac utility that makes it very simple for everyone to get the data exported without issues. The way it works is by targeting the profile folder of your Mac Mail and extracts everything into PST, the file that is native for Windows Outlook.

convert mbox to pst

The only thing left for you is to import it to Windows Outlook or u can say to convert MBOX to PST.

Try it today. You will be surprised by how simple and quick an otherwise very lengthy migration can be, if you have a tool built by professionals.

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Convert Gmail MBOX file to PST to Import Data into Mac or Windows Outlook!

Google ‘Takeout’ feature is nice. It allows you to download your contents into a single MBOX file. But if you want to download your emails from Gmail into MBOX file, you need either Thunderbird or Apple Mail to use that file. Or other paid programs that can only show you the content but not edit it. To take the most benefits of an email file like MBOX, you need an email client.

And if you have Outlook (in Mac or Windows), the MBOX file from Google is not of any use. You cannot open it or import it into your Outlook.

But don’t worry. There is a way out of this. Through third-party file converters, you can convert MBOX to PST file, which is compatible with Mac and Windows Outlook both.

But which converter to use? Most of them can be painfully inefficient. They are slow, hard to use, doesn’t have essential features, and are not backed up by any support from the developers.

Mail Extractor Pro,” from USL Software has none of those limitations. It’s the perfect tool that gets your MBOX files to PST in a matter of few minutes (depending on the size of MBOX file). It is also equipped with plenty of features like splitting your large PST files, support for non-English text conversion, and so on.

With the help of “Mail Extractor Pro,” you never have to worry about to Export Gmail to PST if you are a Mac Outlook user. You can simply convert it into PST. Download it free trial version now as it convert 10 files per folder.

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Switch from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook and Smoothly Transfer Your Data!

Changing email clients may not sound like a big deal. That is, until you realize you also have to transfer the data across your clients. For this article, we are dealing with a similar situation – switching from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook, and how to migrate your emails, contacts, calendar entries, and everything else successfully.

Unfortunately, the files in Apple Mail (either EMLX or .mbox file packages) are not compatible with Windows Outlook. So, the options you are left with is to convert those files to PST, where PST is the native file for Windows Outlook.

However, another unfortunate fact remains that most EMLX or Apple Mail to PST converter can be excruciatingly inefficient, slow, and inaccurate.

So, how can one switch from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook and move the data thoroughly?

The answer lies with an excellent software solution from USL Software called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s developed with advanced data-processing logic that extracts your contents directly from the profile directory into PST files without losing any details in the process. It will ensure that all items, including images, attachments, metadata, nested emails, headers, and so on are converted with precision.

convert mbox to pstTo use “Mail Extractor Pro” is also incredibly easy:

  • Download the setup. And use it in free trial mode to check out the features.
  • Click on Apple Mail and ‘Auto-load’ to load data automatically from profile/identity folder.
  • Check the list of folders and remove any that you don’t want to export to Windows Outlook.
  • Check the maximum size of PST files, which if crossed during conversion instructs the tool to create another PST file. Small PST files are easier to import.
  • Click ‘Convert’

And done!

This is the simplest and accurate approach to data conversion from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook PST files using this MBOX to PST Converter. Also try its free trial version to experience advance migration using this converter tool as your experience would never get wasted.

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