The Best Solution for MBOX to PST Conversion!

MBOX to PST conversion is a necessary step in data migration from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook. And it’s a very common approach for the objective of getting the data across the clients.It works like this:

  1. Archive Mac Mail data to MBOX files
  2. Use a third-party MBOX to PST conversion tool to convert those files to PST
  3. Import those PST files to Windows Outlook

This is a common method to move the data and it works sometimes. But if you are looking for accurate results without any compromise to the fidelity of data, you are not going to get it from ordinary file converters. MBOX to PST converter, regardless of how perfect their algorithms are, can be very inaccurate. They end up damaging folder hierarchy, embedded graphical items, and other such objects like excel sheets and word docs. They are also not efficient with converting non-English text. More commonly, the languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese lose some characters.

If you are not content with such conversion results, you need ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’

It’s a tool that is technically Apple Mail to PST converters, but can convert MBOX, Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Postbox to PST as an option. Its major feature is to automatically load Apple Mail database. Therefore, you get 100% precise data conversion. Check out the free trial version below. It converts ten items per folder

For more details:


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