Converting MBOX to PST with Mail Extractor Pro

Conversion from one mail database to another is not easier if done manually it may leads to corrupt your data until and unless one have the perfect knowledge about performing this task. But to easier these task USL Software has provided a tremendous solution on which you can easily rely upon.

Mail Extractor Pro, An advance migration tool for converting MBOX to PST for Outlook. It is fast, safe, secure and provides you the accurate results for your conversion. This tool convert multiple email client like:

  • MBOX to PST
  • Postbox to PST
  • Gmail to PST
  • Apple Mail to PST
  • Thunderbird to PST
convert mbox to pst
Mail Extractor Pro

It easy to use interface and feature like maintaining hierarchy of your folder so you get the exact data as it was in previous database will lead you towards a seamless migration. It supports all languages even non English language like Korean and Chinese also get migrated. The free trial version of the tool allows 10 file conversion per folder for you to experience using this MBOX to PST converter tool.

For more details:


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