The OLM to PST Converter Tool

olmtopstconverterThe OLM to PST Converter Tool is a sturdy and reliable professional tool which is developed to provide common mac users with the facility to safely import OLM to PST for outlook without having to be a professional user.

It is a certified tool which is loaded with many futuristic and useful features that are very popular among users of all classes. Some of the most attractive features of the OLM to PST Converter Tool are discussed below:

  • Simple to use

Ease of use is the most important thing that a first time user looks for in a tool. The OLM to PST Converter Tool is the perfect example of a powerful yet simplistic tool which can be operated by any user without the need for experience.

  • Easy to install

This is something which makes the OLM to PST Converter Tool a savior for difficult times. One can install the tool in less than a minute and start the conversions immediately without waiting for a slow installation. This is how it also becomes the fastest email converter.

  • Fast in operation

The OLM to PST Converter Tool is also considered one of the fastest ways to safely import OLM files to PST outlook. This is because of the usage of state of the art technology in its invention. This feature makes it the first choice of professional users who are short on time and need reliable means to import OLM to Outlook PST on time.

  • Guaranteed safety of data

This is the most acclaimed and wanted feature that makes the OLM to PST Converter Tool the favorite of all users, beginners or advanced. The tool is able to guarantee no data loss or file corruption, during or after transfers.

  • Preserves folder hierarchy

The OLM to PST Converter Tool makes it possible for all users to make perfect email transfers. This is accomplished by transferring each bit of data and not missing out anything. The tool is able to effectively shift all attachments inside their respective folders. You will find all information where it was located in your previous client.

  • Reads and preserves Unicode content

The OLM to PST Converter Tool sports a feature which is rarely present in any other email converters. It is able to effectively save and recognize the content which is in languages other than English. This includes double byte characters like Chinese and Japanese too. This greatly helps all users who deal with international clients. Hence improving productivity.

  • Bulk import OLM to PST outlook

The OLM to PST Converter Tool also allows its users to shift entire folders and inboxes without fail. If you don’t want to choose and convert large quantities of email files at once. You can use the bulk convert feature to convert OLM to PST outlook safely and just as quickly.

Try the tool for free

Try OLM to PST Converter free trial version available for free usage. You can download the free trial edition for limited usage and experience the migration with this Tool.

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Now convert OLM to PST files like a true professional

After the invention of third party email converters, the number of services that claim to offer “the best” email conversion results, has been rising without any restraint. Owing to the profusion of choices available, it becomes really difficult for ordinary users to select a particular tool to convert their OLM files to PST.

Seeing almost every other Outlook looking for unsophisticated and affordable methods to Convert OLM to PST files is a usual occurrence these days, since mac users have gathered that the mac edition, with its OLM storage files is rather lacking compared to outlook windows. By converting from OLM format to PST, they can own the abilities of windows Outlook which seem more inviting to users who work on mac outlook application.

But why do people convert their emails from OLM format to PST?

Seemingly, MAC users feel that it is more profitable to work with outlook windows mostly because it is easier to use, simpler to approach and broadly accessible while also giving great data storage abilities as well. This is why the OLM to PST conversion process is so prominent these days.

How to Export from OLM to PST?

There may be many options available which claim to firmly export your OLM files to PST, but you should always think ahead and get only specialized OLM to PST converter. These specialized tools come with a guarantee of data safety, hence making your email data free from the common dangers of data alteration or file corruption.

Is there any tool that can confirm safe and secure OLM to PST transfers?

Luckily, there is a solution that has been specially designed to ensure that all the beginner mac users can effectively convert from OLM to PST, whenever they want. The tool is known as the OLM to PST converter Tool and appears to be the next step in email migration technology.

What does the OLM to PST converter Tool offer?

The OLM to PST converter Tool is a professional tool and concerns with results only, which permits regular mac users to freely move their mac outlook OLM database to PST format for Outlook windows without having to be concerned about data loss or any other events. The tool offers guaranteed claim of data safety and also delivers precision in results throughout all OLM to PST file conversions.

These are some of the benefits of using the OLM to PST converter Tool

  • Simplistic conversion
  • Quickest installation
  • Guarantee of no data loss ever
  • No lagging or errors
  • Flawless OLM to PST conversions every time
  • Withholds data hierarchy
  • Preserves read and unread status
  • Reads files with Non-English content
  • Preserves all attachments with details
  • Gives non-stop and friendly support
  • Offers free updates for a lifetime

If you have here and you are sincerely interested in getting the best OLM to PST conversion tool for your personal and professional use, the OLM to PST Converter Tool could be the right choice for you. The OLM to PST converter becomes the perfect choice for the modern and smart email user. Try the tool today and feel the difference.

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Export Outlook OLM files to PST

Exporting Outlook Mail from Mac to Windows Outlook has never been easier with the OLM to PST Converter Tool.

OLM to PST Converter Tool is a software used for migrating Outlook for Mac email data to the Outlook for Windows email platform. To achieve such a migration between two different email applications, the software converts an OLM file, which stores Mac Outlook email items, into a PST file, which is compatible with Outlook for Windows 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/Office 365.


The main features of OLM to PST Converter Tool are presented as follows:

  • The tool transfers Outlook for Mac Database items to a PST file- The software doesn’t need to export the associated OLM file of the Outlook Database from Outlook for Mac, because it has the ability to detect all email data and it allows users to transfer all email items or part of them from Outlook for Mac to a PST file. In this way, emails, contacts, calendars and any other desired data will be available in the PST file, which can later be imported on Outlook for Windows.
  • It is compatible with Mac OS X & Windows- With OLM to PST Converter Tool you don’t need any other auxiliary software for exporting Outlook Mail from Mac to Windows Outlook, because the tool runs directly on Mac & Windows and export your Mac Outlook archives to PST for Windows.
  • It offers high performance with accurate conversion results- The tool doesn’t encounter any issue when converting even over 50 GB of Outlook for Mac email items, providing an accurate conversion of the Mac Outlook Database items to a PST file. Moreover, it is able to convert such a large amount of data extremely fast compared to other conversion tools, such that your original email items will be available to a PST file in a short amount of time.
  • Calendar email data is migrated to one folder only- The tool is able to correctly convert calendar items belonging from multiple calendars to the PST file, merging in the process the default calendar with all other social events and calendar items to a single PST Calendar folder. Hence, all your calendar data and upcoming events will be available to browse through in a single place, making searching for any particular piece of data easier.
  • Contacts are also placed into a single PST folder- Exporting Outlook Mail from Mac to Windows Outlook with OLM to PST Converter Tool will also gather all your contacts data and merge all address books into a unique Contacts folder in the PST file. Furthermore, the tool will protect the address book fields in the process of conversion, such that even Non-English characters stored as double-bytes (as is the case with Chinese and Japanese characters) will be preserved in the PST file.


Free trial

Download Free Trial version of OLM to PST Converter Tool has a free demo version, which allows users to migrate up to 10 email items for each folder for converting Olm to PST file.


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