MBOX to PST Converter Software

mbox to pst converter software

Mail Extractor Pro is the perfect email migration software to convert Apple Mail / EMLX / MBOX to PST file format for Mac Outlook 2016 / 2011 and Windows Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

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Convert PST to MBOX using a Mac Free trial version

Looking to convert PST to MBOX using a Mac free tool? All the advice from experts point to the fact that you should stay away from freeware applications for this job in particular. It’s a complex and difficult task that only few professional tools can pull it through, and therefore, the only viable option is to go for proper official conversion tools that are not free.

Having said that, you can go for a less costly solutions that are also available in a free trial version, so you can check their features and interface first before investing your money.

One tool that constantly comes up in such discussion is PST Extractor Pro, from USL Software, and it is no surprise why. It’s the only Mac tool that can convert PST to MBOX, and is available with a Mac free trial version. It also features a thorough and precise data conversion algorithms that convert the data without any defects and loss to the integrity, something that many other tools struggle with.

You can download the free trial version here. It converts ten items per folder, without restricting any other functionality.

Why ‘PST Extractor Pro‘?

As stated above, its three main selling points are that it is the only tool with Mac compatibility, available as a free trial edition, and can convert data thoroughly without any loss. But it has a lot more than that. It is the only tool that also lets you split large MBOX files into small files. It features a full folder preview where you can convert only selective folders, ignore empty folders, and do such other operations that add to the flexibility of the overall task.

USL Software also managed to make it fully supportable for non-English text conversion. Most of the international languages are not supported by ordinary PST to MBOX Mac free converters, or even paid ones. These texts are encoded in standards other than ASCII, and that can get challenging for the tools to pick up and convert accurately.

PST Extractor Pro on the other hand has all the support needed for standards like UTF-8, Unicode, and DBCS (Double-byte character set). This makes it the only tool to convert languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese all the time.

Another significant feature of ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is the support to preserve folder hierarchy. Most of the times, the tools cannot keep the structure/hierarchy of your folders safe after the conversion. In output MBOX files, you can find your emails and the folders messed up, which makes it harder to maintain and search them. With ‘PST Extractor Pro’, you get everything as it was originally maintained. The entire database is perfectly mirrored into output MBOX files.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the free trial version and get conversion of PST to MBOX started.