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Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion Now Possible Without Low-Precision Tools with Substandard User-Interfaces!

Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion Simplified

Mail Extractor Pro’ has been one of the biggest software projects for USL Software, and they did pure justice to that.

It’s the only tool that works in Mac for converting Gmail MBOX to Outlook. So, it was double hard to create a solution that works perfectly, without any data errors. And they did make it successfully, not only for advanced users, but also for basic home users.

This is truly the de facto software application for moving Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST. And there’s no other tool that even comes close.

Why is it so?

Well, the first reason was stated above: it’s the only Mac compatible tool for this. The rest are all Windows based, which brings its own complications (since MBOX…

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Convert PST to MBOX Mac is now easier!

Convert PST to MBOX

Looking to Convert PST to MBOX Mac? This is What You’ve Been Looking for During All This Time!

Convert PST to MBOX Mac

Let’s face it. For what Mac Mail and Windows Outlook are as email clients, the feature for transferring data between them is not at par with their features itself. Why? Because, there is no feature as such.

Most users would disagree with me here. One option that most users seem to apply is syncing the data to an email account, adding that account to both Mac Mail and Windows Outlook; first syncing the data in Mac Mail to the email servers, and then syncing the data back from servers to Windows Outlook client.

This is the most common technique that is popular everywhere. It’s called IMAP based approach, because you need an email account that is compatible with IMAP data syncing system (Like Gmail, or basically any other email service these days).

However, it is only popular because people either have no clue how to migrate data in any other way, or do not feel comfortable with third-party tools that automate the task for them. Most of those tools are also expensive, despite the fact that their inefficiency and risk to data is wide open for everyone to see.

Today, we bring something else for you. Now you can convert Windows Outlook data to Mac Mail without a sweat. It involves no manual IMAP conversion method, nor does is it about a tool that automates the IMAP enabled technique for you.

It is called a PST to MBOX converter, or more precisely ‘PST Extractor Pro’ by USL Software.

What is that?

PST to MBOX converter is a type of a software application that does what the name suggest – it converts PST to MBOX files. And ‘PST Extractor Pro’ by USL Software is the best tool in that category. It offers the features that you cannot find elsewhere.

First of all, it is a Mac tool. Most of such PST to MBOX tools are Windows based, which is not really a great choice since MBOX is a Mac file. Second, it is not technically a PST to MBOX converter, but rather a PST to MBOX extractor (and thus, the name).

It extracts the data from PST files, reconstructs it into newly created MBOX file. You get your original PST file as it is.

The definite feature is how accurately it performs the above task. There are no components that are missed or converted incorrectly.

The problem with PST files, or any email file for that matter, is how complex they have become over the last few years. I can almost grant you this fact that you no longer send only simple text emails. You might have many images embedded into them. You might attach signatures for authenticity. You might attach files into emails (called email attachments). You might also arrange them into different folders for easy management. Emails also contain metadata and headers, including To, From, Subject Line, Cc, Bcc, Time,stamps and Date. All of these are components of email data, and are actually hard to convert or extract.

But ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is the only tool that ensures 100% migration. Not a single loss of information.

Download the trial version today without a second delay. Trust me when I say that this is the tool that you’ve been looking for all this time. No other technique (manual or otherwise) can simplify this job for you, as this tool does. And it does so without compromising with the power and functionality.

There are actually many more features that I haven’t mentioned here such as splitting of large PST files, folder preview and selection, log report (brief and detailed), batch conversion, and so on. It’s better that you give it a shot using the free trial mode and experience everything first hand.

Try now to Convert PST to MBOX Mac

By clicking here you can download the installer or setup file.

Convert PST to MBOX

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