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Olm to Mbox Conversion – For Emails, Contacts, and Calendar Entries

Olm to Mbox Conversion

When I moved to Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac, I was wondering about my emails, contacts, and calendar entries inside Apple Mail. I urgently needed them to be moved back into Outlook 2011 and I had no clue.

What I tried?

I tried the method that I read everywhere – drag and drop the folders on to your desktop. The folders that contain emails automatically turn to Mbox and then one can import those Mbox files to Apple Mail. Contacts turn to Vcf files. And this method can’t be done for calendar entries.

At first it seemed like it was a good solution for transferring emails and contacts. But very soon I realized it wasn’t an effective method. First of all I had many folders that needed to be dragged and dropped manually one by one. It was taking a lot of time.

Secondly, the information inside Outlook 2011 for Mac wasn’t being properly transferred to Mbox files. I noticed a lot of items and data elements missing from Mbox, such as, email attachments, graphical objects inside body of emails, and so on.

Next, I tried the method where one creates a dummy IMAP account and syncs the data using internet and the online servers. It also didn’t work properly. It took a lot of time and wasn’t thorough.

Olm to Mbox converter

After trying my hand at few other solutions, I realized I was doing it all wrong. The best way is to convert the files from Outlook 2011 in the Olm format to Apple Mail format (Mbox). All I needed was an Olm to Mbox converter.

That too wasn’t an easy find. I searched and searched a lot on internet and came up with pretty useless and time wasting tools.

But the good news is that it all ended well.

“Olm Extractor Pro” – works like a pro!

At last, I ended with a tool called “Olm Extractor Pro” and it worked nothing like my expectations. After trying a lot of other tools, I didn’t have much expectation, but I was wrong.

“Olm Extractor Pro” worked more than juts ‘well’. It work like a professional software program in the exact way I wanted.

  • It was so easy to use.
  • The conversions was quick.
  • The data transfer was complete, including attachments, graphical objects, etc.
  • The tool itself is pretty light on the CPU.

Olm to Mbox Conversion

Contacts and Calendar conversion

The best part was the conversion of contacts and calendar conversion. It was fully automatic. That means the tool itself recognized the folders that contained contacts and calendar data and convert them to Vcf and Ics file respectively.

Other features include the ability to merge contacts and calendar to a single Vcf and Ics file respectively from each folder. That was also a priceless feature. Because instead of ending up with hundreds of files for each contact or calendar entry, I could just merge them into one Vcf and Ics file.

This is a magnificent tool. I highly recommend it. Download its free trial version here –